Books by Bishop Mulani

Children as Arrows

A very insightful and practical book to  inspire and equip not only those who have iinvolved in parenting but anyone aspring to pursue godly living.

 Author, Pastor and Biblical Counselor, Dr. Paul Mulani, brings to the forefront a compelling book, Children As Arrows-Bringing Lasting Revival to Your Home. By educating parents on how to be a Godly parent through prayer, literally “warring” over our children and by setting a Godly example, Dr. Paul Mulani reveals that “Children are Arrows”, just as the Bible says, in Psalms 127:4, “As arrows in the hands of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth.” We are to view our responsibility in the light of God’s Word and rely upon the fact that when you train your children in the way they shall go, they shall never depart from it-referring to Christ and His Word. The author states, “Indeed, our children, the fruit of our womb, are blessed, but we are called to do something. We have to cooperate with God in actualizing these blessings upon our children and our families.” This book is a much needed book in today’s world as daily we watch the moral fabric of our communities and world degenerate; we look in awe as we watch many of our youths destroy themselves through crime, addiction and all manner of sins. We wonder what is happening to our world and what can we do? Dr. Paul Mulani says there is something we can do. Education and guidance all begin from our home and are revived through prayer. If our homes are in disorder, how we can expect our youth to prosper? We must align ourselves with Christ and His Word. When we do this, our families and we have a chance to be blessed, for the Word promises blessings to the offspring of those who are in Christ 

His Presence: Our Greatest Need

 In His Presence by Dr. Paul Mulani is a powerful, life-changing book that will ignite and restore passion for Jesus. Not only does Dr. Mulani present the scenario of what our greatest need as human beings is; he also draws an amazing conclusion as he backs up his claim by biblical representations that unquestionably are the answer. He gives the truth of the Word and presents an amazing and powerful presentation to the entire Body of Christ. This book will be revolutionary in one's walk, when applied. If you thirst after God and want to know how to have more of God and His presence in your life, this book comes highly recommended. What are we all in search of? Happiness, security, significance, appreciation, rest, peace-what is it that the human race is longing for? Dr. Paul Mulani delivers biblical theology that you don't hear from the pulpit today. He gives real answers from a biblical perspective. Make no mistake-this is not a watered down philosophy built to make one look and feel better, this is the Word of God presented in fullness with much scriptural application through the parables presented in the Bible 

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